Practice Bloom’s higher cognitive domains

I Don’t Know

My least favorite three (four?) words, to be followed by “I don’t care” or merely a shoulder shrug. No impetus to find out, no PRACTICE at finding out or forming an opinion. I have much more to say about this some other time. It is just a decent transition to the topic at hand.


My former field experience supervisor spoke with me the other day about one of his new goals for student learning: Problem solving skills. Not immediately, but later in the day I realized this was what I wanted my students to do in my Games Club.

Each week or so I would present a new game. I requested that, once a month (ha!) students do a Lickerts on things about the game (was it fun, too complicated, etc…) and tie in past games and other topics (math, history, grammar) to the game they are reviewing in a few sentences (ha!).

High on the list of Bloom’s taxonomy  (’s_Taxonomy )
we have the idea of tasks that are easy to do with games to prime students to the idea of doing this with other more important concepts!

Core Content Standards are asking us to go deeper in lieu of wider if need be. With less content to cover, in some way, why not take a break to do some activities that involve analysis on things that they can be more easily engaged in?


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