On Giving Up

When students enroll in courses, I always see this passion in their eyes. “Oh wow! Psychology! I want to learn that!” but when they actually get around to trying it, the appeal of whatever internal branding they’d applied to it doesn’t match up.

When you take a look at some game designs you’ve considered, and then try to implement it, something about the branding that your internal mind was doing with it didn’t quite match up.

When you design a lesson, sometimes the activities and scaffolding doesn’t line up.

Giving up is an interesting concept. Perhaps I’m hinting at it. Well ok, I just did, but I’m not really meaning that.

I was trying to force a goal of a game design blog a week, but it is good to focus on other things. Is it unattainable? Perhaps not, but worthwhile?

You’ve got to take time to refine previous games. Delve into PLAYING more existing games (do you guys do enough of that?). Researching Flow or how students chose or become self engaged, wanting to take on the task of learning something themselves (ever seen students or gamers look up how something works because they encountered it in class or the game, not because they had to learn it for the class or game? It is wonderful!).

Take a break. Smell some other flower.

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