Sand Boxed looking for Quest Givers

In my search to group up the local non electronic game designers, I have come to an impasse…

Let me start with an analogy I give many of my male students these days.


“GTA is a sand box game. It is fun. You can do what you want! Good, bad, exciting, boring. However, there are people that know the game better than you. They have designed quest givers in the game, missions. Work a job as a police officer, or do one of the quest lines. In doing so you ‘achieve’ and unlock other parts of the game that you wouldn’t have had access to without having done these.”

“Guess what? Life is a sand box game. You can putz around and do jack all for a long while and have fun. Unfortunately there comes a point where it is boring. Unlike a game, you can’t go out and buy another life. You eventually need to take a look at some quest givers and try to unlock something new. They give you much needed direction and know the game of life better than you. So what is it? Much about doing odd jobs here and there, or take a quest and unlock the epic mode?”

At the moment I could use a quest giver… a Quest Giver to tell me which quest to take! Or maybe I just need more time so I can do ALL the quests, right?

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