Why so Nostalgia?



The above linked webpage is for ‘meaningful gamification’. To be meaningful I suppose we need to be relevant. To be relevant we need to have attendees… and so this companies thoughts on how to have attendee retention or appreciation or acquisition is to have 16 bit style font for their logo.


Over and over again we resort to this nostalgia.




Mind you, this second link isn’t for gamification, it is for actually game design. But to always have to feel inclined to include this iconic aspect of video games…


When you go to a Hamburger convention, do we evoke the elephant in the room of McDonalds? … šŸ˜¦


Gamification is not just about video games: It need not be about video games at all! And yet, here we go, every chance we get, we display this idea of electronic games and 16 bit art. Present youths wouldn’t even have a modern example of 16 bit style games if it weren’t for Minecraft! So when they see this the images it invokes isn’t the same as the images it evokes if a 30 something were to look at that logo.


I suppose that’s the power of art there. However we need to be careful when utilizing this in gamification: if our goal is to impart a lesson while we are utilizing this game based process what role does the 16 bit art take?

I guess what I’m saying is that we need to be aware of who our audience is; what standing we want in the future.


Perhaps continuing to use 16 bit art diminishes, trivializes?, infantilizes the profession / craft.

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