Pop up quiz

What do you think? Good use of games in the education sphere?

Lately I’ve been working with Edmentum’s suite of content
The classes are almost all organized similarly: this one, after having read through a tutoring, which often includes links to other resources for further enrichment and sometimes a video, neither of which tend to really help ‘pass the test’ (not the same thing as learning), you’ll have a section quiz (five to ten questions about what you’d just read) and then rinse and repeat.

After two – ten of these (depends on the learning platform: Edmentum’s seems to be three for non math content) there will be a FLASH QUIZ: you’ll have to remember some keywords / fill in the blank style within in a certain time frame or OOPS the aliens destroyed the planet or some such.

Many problems here, but most of all THESE ALMOST ALWAYS HAVE BUGS… like programming or compatibility issues. So students get frustrated: not the good kind of frustrated that drives a lot of game design…

A new role at my salaried job involves Peak … or FeulEd whom I’d worked for for two years a year back or so. This, too, seems to have some embedded games in its tutorials: it did it… not “right” exactly, but… better?… these are not a requirement to complete.

….. So what is the RIGHT way to do it?


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