Is games based enough / best practice

as I enter another year (education years run August to July) I reflect: for starters I ‘should’ post more.

In hearing about someone’s spouse writing for Pearson and her husband’s presumed link if their interest in gamificatiin this article suggests otherwise.

Where in which they categorize games based learning and gamificatiin as separate categories. Some claim it’s more like a square being a rectangle… gamification wishes to make the entire structure of a class a game (in many respects we as humans have already done so: rules, levels, points, stages, theme, leader boards). Games based learning puts games into a classroom (that are hopefully aligned to standards that would benefit from this) so if there are already game elements in a classroom to begin with… instantly gamified?

Above, Pearson put together a business course into an electronic interface, success went to leaderboards/leveling, failure meant you had to replay it (content was added to a study guide), etc… this most certainly contains game based elements! So have we turned this entire class into a game?

Here a very successful / smart man muses on the definition of a game. It requires agency, goals, restrictions and a lack of real world relevance … in that last aspect it will be difficult for any educator program to be a game. In the first (agency) if you know all of the content then it is no longer a game… there is only one correct move, one right answer (read the article linked above: it’s quicker once you get last his intro).

I leave this post with no further comment but a question: can anyone really claim the goal of making a classroom a game is successful?


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